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May 11th, 2003

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07:10 pm - Today?
What about it? ^_^

Anyway, I've proven that my re-built Linux server is almost back to full operating potential, as I have my PS2 playing my media from the server again (go QCast!).

It's been a boring day. Not that it's been bad, I think it's been 6 weekends that I'm in California now and this is the first fully boring day that I've had I think. The scary thing is that in Virginia, these were the weekends I had every weekend, always boring. So I guess I'm really enjoying Cali from that point of view. ^_^

The only thing that really happened today was that I got some more blank CD-R's so I can archive stuff from the server, and I actually cleaned the apartment up a bit, without Dee having to ask me! ^_^

At least I do have video games ^_^
Current Mood: boredbored

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