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Okay, the Saturn dealers here are starting to tick me off. First, I… - Sam's Journal

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May 12th, 2003

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10:29 pm
Okay, the Saturn dealers here are starting to tick me off.

First, I wanted to get my smog inspection done at the dealership. They even let me make an appointement. But when I got there for the appointment, they inform me that the machine has been broken for a while--before the appointment was made! They were baffled at why I was able to make the appointment. Grrrr.

Second, I took my car in to get a standard service and have the sunroof checked out. Well, I'm in the extended warranty section. Everything should've been covered; but since the computers were offline, they had to get a verbal authorization to do the warranty repairs (what the fuck), and of course that service had already closed for the night, at 6PM pacific. So I have to take my car in again to get the warranty stuff fixed. Grrrr.

Now, for the follow-up appointment, I decided to try their online appointment-making system. I sent a request in last Monday for an appointment at the nearby dealer for tomorrow. They called today to tell me I have an 8am drop-off scheduled for tomorrow... at Saturn of Anaheim. Which is like waaaaay the fuck away from me. What. The. Fuck. Grrrr.

So, anyway, I'm just sorta getting tired of the local Saturn dealers. I can't wait until I get the chance to review them...
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