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So my car is at the dealer and is scheduled to be ready this… - Sam's Journal

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May 14th, 2003

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09:45 am
So my car is at the dealer and is scheduled to be ready this afternoon, although they'll call me when it's actually ready for pick-up. Of course, I either forgot to turn my alarm on last night, or I managed to turn it off without it actually waking me up. I woke up, turned and looked at the clock, and it was 7:30am.

I was actually at the dealership a hair before 8:00am. It's why I wanted the appointment at the Huntington Beach location; it's not really that far away, and it's surface-street drivable.

So I dropped the car off, they arranged a rental car for me--which is covered by my extended warranty so all I have to pay for is gas. Yay!

When they asked if I would be able to give them "completely satisfied", I told them "nuh-uh." Of course, this made Mr. Service Person really upset... "but I'm graded on these scores!" Tell me where to put down that the appointment people screwed up, and I'll knock them and not you. Nope, no place for that. So am I completely satisfied with this service visit? Hell no. "Well I'd rather you not fill in the survey at all then."

What. The. Hell. (sorry for all you people who hate single-line emphasis, I think it deserves it.)

So I sorta cave and say, you make a lot of noise about the reservations people screwing up, and I'll give you a completely satisfied.

Actually, there's another line... do you feel free to answer this survey yourself, without pressure from the dealership. Heh, that is getting marked this time!

So until then, I have a nice little rollerskate; thank god I don't really have to drive anywhere today!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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