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A Journal Entry, In Three Parts - Sam's Journal

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May 17th, 2003

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08:20 am - A Journal Entry, In Three Parts
So is dreaming about LiveJournal the final sign of addiction? I don't recall dreams that often when I wake up, but this morning I recalled a dream. I was working on a computer of unknown type, and managing some type of journal view. I recall seeing entries from sxzbtch and f0rge, which is duly odd because they post more like normal people and less like LiveJournal addicts. :^)


I tend to overreact to things, and just make things worse. This morning was a mild example of that. I woke up at 5am, my stomach with a strong ache that prevented me from laying down or sitting up comfortably. So I assumed acid reflux, which was unhappy news. But I didn't have the back ache, really, so I decided to test my theory. A small (4 oz, maybe -- half a cup) amount of water... ache is still there. Which doesn't play into the acid reflux pattern -- drinks make the ache disappear temporarily. So I look for something small to eat... voila, a Hershey's kiss! Down the hatch... and the ache goes away! Woohoo! Back to sleep until the 7am alarm, and the 8am wake-up from Dee. Cool!


Random thought in my head... Bill Cosby sings the Beatles... "You say goodbye, and I sell Jello. Jello, jello. I don't know why you say goodbye, I sell Jello."
Current Mood: awakeawake

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