Sam (jevim) wrote,

Obligatory Weekend Report

Friday night was Friday night, didn't really have anything planned. Spent the evening goofing off, playing games and such.

Saturday morning we were up early... about as early as my normal workday. We headed up north to take in Reloaded with Adam & Kim, and the group had grown through the plans to include an EQ friend of Dee's, Diego, and his wife (whose name I will not damage by attempting to spell). Also along for the movie was Chris, and a bunch of Adam & Kim's friends.

The movie wasn't bad, but it was much more an action flick to me than anything terribly science-finction. At least, until we started talking about that and several other things over burgers at Fuddrucker's. I can see one potential resolution that could be the next movie's endpoint, so now I just have to wait & see if I might, just might, have it right. If I am, it will be an interesting journey...

After food and conversation, we retreated back to Adam & Kim's pad. Actually, Dee & I met up with part of the group there, and carpooled to the theatre. This left our car parked at Adam & Kim's, and continued when we departed for D&D at Maus & Suzy's.

As much as we were a bit late getting there, Mike was a bit more delayed than us, which made our timing rather good. Adam & Kim rolled up their characters, giving themselves little gnomes to be. I think Mike wanted me to "bond" with them a bit more in-game, to make our characters the reason why we were hanging out together, but I guess I didn't know what to do or say...

I can tell I had a great time that evening, because the time all seems to have run together for me. It seems to do that a lot for me, I notice. Great times seem like they are forever when I'm doing them, and feel like no time at all when I look back on them. My weekends are like that a lot nowadays... they feel like three or four days, really, and I don't know how we fit so much fun into so little time.

Dee crashed out first, and I probably should've crashed out as well... I was just enjoying being with friends too much, and didn't want to admit my sleepyness. In a way, it was probably my downfall for the evening. Dee and I ended up crashing at Suzy & Maus's, though thinking back to their last week, we probably should've gone back to Adam & Kim's to crash. Not that we were unwelcome, but more that after a week of continual houseguests, it's probably good to get back to the standard routine.

Sunday morning I was up early, then went back to sleep, and then got back up later when Adam arrived to give us a ride back to retrieve our car. He detoured us to the farmer's market, which fortunately was open until 1pm when we got there at Noon. I couldn't resist the strawberries, or the barbeque. Or the fresh-squeezed orange juice. I even had my first cappucino, and wasn't all that impressed. I think it was lacking sugar... do you put sugar in cappucinos? Dee even got a snow-cone before we left and returned to Adam's.

From there, we collected our car and headed towards Dee's dad's home, as it was his birthday. We stopped at the Lakewood Mall to get a birthday card for him. Dee also wanted to get some "almond bark" candy from See's, but the person there didn't remember anything like that. Alas, it may have been discontinued. So we continued on with just the birthday card.

We found her dad's house (first time I've been there, I do believe... I don't think she drove me by it the last time we were out here), and I sent her to knock on the door. I didn't expect them to be home, but they were. We went in, having caught them just at the end of dinner. We spent some time talking... well, I was more answering questions than just talking, but I think that's the way it is with parents. I had met her dad & his current wife before, at an Elks breakfast at the end of March, so at least they weren't surprised by me, or me by them.

We headed homeward after that, but did a little more shopping at the Triangle Square center. Target: the Virgin Megastore. Just to look around. Heh. We did more than look around, of course... we always tend to. At one point, I was just watching the Animatrix trailer on the in-store TV's, and started pondering about its availability. Dee just told me to go ask someone, and it just set me off, unfortunately.

I guess I had been a bit tense that day. Before we left on Sunday morning, Mike had commented about my needing a timer to keep myself from overindulgence, and it just bugged me. Stress built up, and stress exploded a bit. Dee ended up going back to the car, and I went back in to Virgin to buy her the Dark Angel set. Then she went back in and got a few little things I had been looking at. Which was a really nice thing. ^_^

Anyway, after all that, we went to Mimi's Cafe for appetizer & dessert. We almost didn't have room for dessert after the appetizer! Then we finally got home.

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