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So a friend from Virginia (Anna) called at 7am this morning, local time. She called Dee's phone, which I answered. Anna wondered which phone she had called, but I assured her she had called Dee's phone, it was just that Dee wasn't awake yet, as it was 7am on the west coast. Fortunately (or maybe not), I had woken up around 6:30am.

The purpose of the call was for grammatical assistance: The value is calculated with either option A or B. Is this a grammatically correct sentence, or should "option" be plural. Secondary question, could it be phrased in a more direct manner. Being the nice person that I am, I did answer her question with a vote of "The value is calculated with either option A or option B." Dee woke up and took a shot at it, and said that the original sounded fine, and that my option sounded okay as well. And then, Anna was off the phone.

And I'm just left wondering.... how often do people call cross-country for grammar advice?

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