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Tuesday? Felt better than a Tuesday to me...

Just last evening, everybody I know (or seem to know) from the non-Costa Mesa area made a journey to the Sherman Oaks Galleria to partake in a little movie screening. The details are sorta confidential (or so they say), but maybe I'll find a way to zip some information about it into my gratiuitous journal.

So I left work at about 4pm, went home, and picked Dee up. We arrived at said Galleria right aroun 6:30pm. I was surprised that we beat the group travelling from Adam & Kim's apartment, but then we only beat them by a few minutes. :^) The "preview screening" experience was interesting... lotsa questions about "do you write reviews" and "do you work for a movie company", all on a little survey flyer you have to fill out before watching the movie. And then a feedback form afterwards. I guess it'll be interesting when the movie comes out, to see if any of the things I commented on are changed.

After that, it was Buffy Night, of course, and the group of 8 travelled to Suzy & Maus's, where we were joined by another two Buffy-only people. For those with TiVo who haven't watched it yet, I'll be as light on detail as I can be, but I don't think anyone expected quite the ending that we got.

While there were some people who wanted to watch Smallville afterwards, it was getting late and the likelyhood of my staying awake (let alone anyone else) was rather slim. We opted for a Family Guy episode. Schweet! Sometime I'm gonna have to get my hands on that box set... or just copy it from someone! Hehehehe!

After that, Dee and I crashed at Adam & Kim's. I started waking up around 6am, but forced myself to lay down again and I think I got a little more sleep before 7:30, but then I was up. Coffee, and then the road back to Costa Mesa. I took advantage of Dee in the car. (Silly hentais, not that way!) I had her go through my car paperwork folder and pull out a lot of old crap, and reorganized all the current documentation. Dee also ran across my 1999 parking permit from Virginia Tech, which brought a big ol' smile to my face.

Anyway, I'm at work now, got here around 10:30am. Still beat the rest of my group in. Heh! What a wonderful evening yesterday was, seeing a newer-than-new movie and hanging out for the last new Buffy episode. I wonder what it'll be replaced with next year...

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