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Drawbacks to moving to California...

Keeping in touch via anything other than postal mail or e-mail with the people I know on the East Coast is hard. Before work? Nope, they're already at work. After work? It's 9PM for them, if I leave work on time at 6PM. Weekends? I tend to forget, or they're out and about. Before I started my new job, it wasn't that bad because I was home at 4 and 5PM local to call or be called by them. Now? Not much time at all...

Of course, how often did I call these people when I did live in Virginia? Not very often, that's how often. Why that would change now, I'm not sure... maybe it's just the feeling of having lost the option. Maybe I feel that I'd be interesting to talk to, now that I live "far, far away." Maybe it was the pizza I had for dinner.


Lazy evening at home. Probably a good thing physically, for me to get a nice, full night's sleep in. But it's so hard picking something to do. Things just don't seem "fun" by myself. And Dee's not much of a video game person, although she did come over and watch a little Family Guy with me, and part of a South Park if I remember correctly. That was nice... but whenever I'm doing something solo, it's just not "fun." I think I've known this for the longest time, but I never had a concious understanding of it. There are time wasteres, and then there's having fun.

I think most evenings at home, I'm simply doing time wasters. Not that the activites vary that much, but my opinion of the activites is that they are time wasters.

Answer? Develop friends in the area. I'll put it this way: the people who I work most directly with at work don't seem to have interests that overlap what I could participate in. One group of two drives trucks & owns ATVs, and goes out "into the desert" somewhere on occasional weekends. Other than that, they don't say that much about their personal lives. And I don't want to force an "awkward" situation... feh.

I guess I just don't see it happening, short of people moving from the north side of LA to the sout side (Orange County) of LA.

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