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This is going to be a long day. Not only do I have a current piece of code to finish, but I came in to an e-mail this morning saying the component I did two weeks ago has some nasty flaws in its implementation. So I've spent two hours so far trying to fix those flaws, and I'm not sure if I'm close at all. Sigh.

Right now, it's just stressful. I don't know if I'll be asked to say and finish both parts today, or what. Regardless, I want something nice to do this evening. Hanging out at home and playing video games, no matter how enjoyable, just isn't what I want. Now, hanging out at home and playing video games with other people, that I could deal with. Or going to someone else's pad to play games. Or going out to some mutulally agreeable location.

Of course, I haven't checked this with Dee yet, though given the amazing work she accomplished yesterday I think she wouldn't mind having people over, either. The only question left is if anyone wants to come to Costa Mesa, or if it'd work better for us to head up north.

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