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So at 6:30pm, I got frustrated enough to leave work. I didn't accomplish my goals for the week, but I did spend half the day doing other things so I was semi-justified in leaving it be. Really, I had a headache and was frustrated, the combination of which was limiting my productivity. Too many stupid mistakes, in other words. So I left!

I picked Dee up and turned north onto Harbor. We knew we wanted something to eat, but neither of us was terribly hungry or willing to pick. So we ended up at Disneyland.. of course, we don't have season passes nor did we know how late they were open tonight. So we stopped at a Taco Bell, with a phone book, and found a number for Disneyland and called for information. But no ticket price information.

It was Taco Bell though, so we had some dinner. They had a sticker vending machine, which had these neat little stickers. Not really anime, but somewhat sharing in that style. Of course, all the pictures were of female characters! ^_^ So I grabbed some quarters and pulled a few... got two really neat ones that I'll have to scan or photograph sometime. I think they'd make neat LJ user icons, too.

After we ate, we just hopped on Harbor and kept going north some more, not really knowing what to do. I thought taking a ride on the Metro system might be cool, at least just to see what it was like compared to Washington, DC and Baltimore. While we did get to a station, Dee wasn't terribly thrilled with the "let's ride just to ride" idea, and she mentioned that we didn't know how late the system would be running. I picked up the little courtesy phone to see if I could find out, but I never did get a person or anything out of that phone. So we gave up and headed back to the car.

From there, we were headed back home on the 91, and it heads out to Corona, where one of Dee's sisters lives. Feeling like driving a bit, we headed out that way. Got quite a bit of the way out to Riverside, only about 1.5 miles to I-15. Then we turned around, got some gas for the car, and took the Foothill Toll Roads back down to Costa Mesa. And now we're home. Not quite the evening I had in mind, but good nonetheless.

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