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What to say about today? Caught up with Delina & her family for… - Sam's Journal

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May 24th, 2003

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10:53 pm
What to say about today? Caught up with Delina & her family for lunch, killed an hour at Delina's mom's house while Delina & mom went to see someone dance (I assume a kid's recital, although this picture of the family at the strip club cheering on the newly-hired relative just kept jumping to mind). They came back, Delina and us and two others hit a used book store. Time: now 6pm, because we were kicked out as the bookstore closed. Then off to dinner, and heading home, stopped for groceries, now I'm here. That's the chronological.

Emotionally... we never really did just "hang out" with Dee's friends. Their parents, in some combination, were always there. This is very odd to me. Uncomforting. Hard to actually get to know these people in front of their parents. It just seems wrong to me to spend so much time with the parents. Now, in their defense, the two friends (Delina and Deanna) no longer live here, but they grew up here. So I guess it's as much of a visit to see the family as to see anything else. *shrug*

Staying at Delina's mom's place for over an hour (didn't watch the clock, though, so I don't know really) was just weird. Just felt uncomfortable as heck. Just ended up putting a baseball game on the TV and zoning out after spending a little little bit of time on the computer.

The coolest thing was a stop at a Sam Ash music store. Kid in a candy store, that's what I was. They had several electronic drum sets out to try. I was quite impressed by the quality of sound the synthesizers could produce, and the relative quiet of the system to those who were not listening on the headphones. $1,300 for the 'basic' Roland setup. I think we have a lot of finance cleaning to do before I even consider that toy...

I feel bad saying that I didn't really have fun today. I know Dee wanted me to, but it just didn't really work. I'm starting to think that I like much calmer people than I have tended to associate with in the past. Picking a place for dinner amogst all those people was hard. Not because I was picky, or Dee... but when you have more than 1 person who wants to be in charge, things are messy. Zero or one people who desire to be in charge are the best situations I think.

At the grocery store, I was picking up some more orange juice, so I caved and bought some vodka as well. Part of me has thought about having myself a little screwdriver tonight, but I think it's because I didn't enjoy this day, and my mind is sorta racing, and I don't want to use anything as an escape from dealing with reality. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a little bit calmer and non-escapist and give the screwdriver a shot. (I don't know if that is a pun, or if it was intended. ^_^)
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