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Finally (finally?) going to bed... but the quick day in review...… - Sam's Journal

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May 26th, 2003

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05:10 am
Finally (finally?) going to bed... but the quick day in review...

This morning was spent with Dee's friend Delina, first for breakfast, then a little time at our apartment, then a trip to DVDPlanet.Com (a huge movie store specializing in DVDs), a failed attempted to see a movie (arrived at, like. 2:45, and nothing was starting again until 4), and a trip to Best Buy. While I was home, I got in touch with Adam and semi-proposed (although I'm not sure if Adam actually beat me to it) a guy's night for Chris. The plan was warped a bit, but I ended up dropping Dee & Delina off at Delina's mom's house and driving up north to have dinner with Chris and his family, as well as Adam and Kim, at a Thai restaurant, to be followed by relaxing at Chris's pad for video games and movies/television. It was a fun night ^_^. Headed out to the car around 1am-ish, and just stood there talking with Chris for over an hour. (Adam & Kim had left a bit before.) Then drove home, got here like 3am-ish, and have taken some time to wind down. Finally sleepy... goodnight!
Current Mood: sleepy, but very happy

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