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Finding (a group to see Finding) Nemo!

So here's what I was thinking... ;-)

I went up to the Galleria to see Matrix, so does anyone want to head down Costa Mesa-way to see Finding Nemo? I was thinking a Friday Night viewing might be nice... I see showtimes starting as late as 10:35pm, which could help us avoid "screaming mad children" audience syndrome. ^_^

Drop me (or Dee) a line (in journal or IM) if you might be interested. Or if Saturday would work better. Or if you'd rather a smaller group. Especially if it involves tonight, the sooner we know the better, as Dee can hopefully go get some parking passes squared away!

Besides, if I don't hear from anyone by like 6pm-ish, Dee and I will just go find Nemo without ya! :^)

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