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Okay, so Dee and I didn't end up seeing Finding Nemo tonight; hopefully we'll be catching up with people tomorrow to see it. I ended up staying an hour late at work, finishing up some documentation. And I still ended the day behind schedule, by about a day. Basically, I spent today re-doing yesterday's work, adding more detail as requrested by the reviewer. The 13-page document morphed into a 31-page document. Ouch. I might have been able to finish another document, given another two hours, but it just didn't seem worth it to stay until 9pm just to be half a day closer to schedule for the week.

Anyway, we went to Black Angus for dinner, as Dee has found a coupon for a couple's special somewhere. It turned out to be a pretty good deal... for the price of the two entrees, we also got an appetizer and dessert. Far too much food, but we brought some leftovers home too. We ended up too full to even think about doing anything else this evening, so we're at home, playing games and watching TV.. and writing journal entires. :^)

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