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Odd how things work...

So on Friday I was looking to see if anyone wanted to go see Finding Nemo. The only person who I actually caught up with to ask, Adam, said that today (Saturday) looked more promising. So Dee and I held off on seeing it yesterday.

Today, we got hooked up with Adam & Kim to see Finding Nemo this evening, after several obligations for the day are done for them. And we're going to go see it in the Southland area (down around my place I guess!), so I went and got them a visitor parking pass for the apartments, early in the day while they're still plentiful.

Then I got back, and got another call from Adam, saying that Sean & Suzy & maybe another person are coming too! Coolness! And Brian, a friend of Adam & Kim's, might be coming as well... so off to the office for another parking permit. I was worried that it'd be a problem, but it was a breeze! So I'm sitting on two parking passes for the evening. Even mentioned to Adam that people are welcome to crash out here, and he suggested a fo'ty night... lol. Well, we'd be missing Chris (unless he, too, decides to join us and makes me see if I can get a third parking pass.... ;-) so no fo'ty night tonight.

But still... haven't had any guests here yet, and it would be cool if it happened. Dunno... cleaned up the place a bit, ran the vacuum, took the trash out. All that pre-company panicy stuff. All because of Brian & the unknown guest of Sean & Suzy. While I have no problem sharing my apartment in actual lived-in condition with friends, when it's people that I don't really know, I'd rather the place be a little spiffed up for them. ^_^ Ego, I guess.

Anyway... I still don't know when anyone will be getting here, or where we'll even go for the movie! But this should be a good night!

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