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Still Looking for Nemo

So Adam, Kim, and Brian got here... 8ish? Something like that. They had skipped on the musical performance, due to dodgy venue, and headed down here earlier than planned. Traffic prevented this plan from being fully accomplished. I, meanwhile, had a nice little breakdown with Dee, during which I wanted to just tell them to go away, especially at the 7ish call while they were stuck in traffic around LAX.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't let that happen, as it did turn into a nice evening. Even if I did declare before they got there that I wasn't in a movie mood. They arrived, and we picked Red Lobster for dinner. We didn't get out of there until 10:30pm, just a smidge late to get to any showing of Finding Nemo in the area. So we came back here and watched Monsters, Inc., which Adam and Brian had not seen before. I napped quite a bit through the movie (full tummy!) and I think some other people napped as well. But all was good.

I guess with Brian in tow, crashing here wasn't an option, as they have headed out back to their homes. Hopefully they'll have good traffic on the way home and no problems at all. And hopefully they'll remember to get some gas before they get on the freeway!

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