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Oh How My Fickle Mind Changes...

While waking up this morning, it crossed my mind to venture northward to Ontario Mills, probably the biggest mall I could think of in the area. The Mills Corporation is known (by me, at least) for big honkin' malls. The first one I ever went to was Potomac Mills, in the Washington, D.C. area. They also build Opry Mills in Nashville, where Opryland used to be. *pout* Never did get to see Opryland...

So after we pulled ourselves out of bed, I checked out Ontario Mills online. About 45 miles away, not too bad... and a huge honkin' mall! And a Sam Ash Music, where I could drool over drums some more. I realize that if I actually had said drums they would barely ever get touched, but so long as they're in the store and I'm just drooling over them, the relationship is built to last. ^_^

However, the mall being soooo huge, I sorta felt bad about potentially dragging Dee all the way around there. But dragging her to Winchell's for donuts, that I had no problem with. We grabbed our Sunday paper, hit up an ATM on the way, and got donuts & drinks. We browsed through the ads in the paper; nothing amazing, as usual. We really didn't know what to do, so I just posed to Dee the question: Knott's, Disney, or Universal?

At the time, I was driving north on 55, heading towards Ontario Mills. It just didn't seem to sound fun enough... an amusement/theme park, that sounded better. I removed Knott's from consideration, as it wasn't something that got advertised on the east coast (aka I hadn't been brainwashed into wanting to go there). Then we considered Universal, an hour away if the traffic is good, and Disney, 10 miles away on surface streets, probably a hafl hour if traffic is bad. Disney is also much more expensive, but would probably get used more...

We decided to head to Downtown Disney. Three hours of free parking, and I figured there'd be a kiosk with more park information. So we walked through, and found the kiosk sort of in the middle of the "mall." Checked prices, and continued down the way... $225 for the premium pass, and $165 for the deluxe. Oh the fancy names they give these things. On the way back, we asked questions. Premium means no black out dates, and parking for the big ol' parking garage is inculded. So, of course, on the spur of the moment, we opt for the fancy passes. So we can get two cars into Disney parking at will, just as long as I'm in one car and Dee's in the other!

I guess we got into the park around 1pmish, maybe 2pm. Having the pass means that we don't have to hurry to "see everything" on our limited amount of time. It makes the park a lot nicer, I think, to be able to stop, and sit, and watch, and talk, and not worry about "missing out" because we're wasting time on stuff. I even called my mom from the park, which impressed her a little bit... and made her happy, that I was at Disney and still thought of calling home. Of course, she wants to come visit & go to Disney too, now!

My mom mentioned that in the two times my family went to Disney World in Florida, the closest we stayed to the park was probably 15 miles. Now I live 10 miles from Disneyland, and have an annual pass. Wow. This California stuff is sorta sinking in.

Okay, when we got to the park, we tried the new "Fast Pass" system for Splash Mountain, and got our saved place in line, at 2pm, for 7pm! Ouch! At least when 7pm rolled around, it only took about 10 minutes to be on the ride. Dee and I were in the last two seats of a log, and a set of three girls was ahead of us. The one directly in front of me, on the big photo drop, took both arms in the air and flipped a double bird at the camera. Of course, that photo never did show up on the photo wall :^). Not that I was all that innocent... I had one arm laying on the side of the log, "innocently" leaving just a middle finger extended. I was wondering if they'd catch it... needless to say, I think the arial double bird in front of me ensure my mission's failure.

Of course, if they hadn't pulled the photo, did I really want to spend $13 on a photo to bring home, scan, highlight, and then show to the world that I flipped off the camera on Splash Mountain at Disney? $13... just doesn't quite seem worth it. :^)

Got a few rides in, had a lot of fun, and now I'm at home, and tired! But it's a very nice tired, I must say.

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