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Do I Have To Go To Work Today?

I'm not looking forward to work at all today. On Friday, I didn't really get done what I thought I would, due to feedback on what I did on Thursday. Of course, I didn't know that until later in the day on Friday, so when I made my schedule for this week earlier that morning, I had assumed finishing a specific portion of Friday's tasks.

Not to mention that my boss has been on a major pissing binge the past few weeks, according to my co-workers. They assure me that this hasn't been typical of working with him, and they're wondering why he's been like this lately. I figure, his boss is getting on him, so he's getting on us. Of course, they look at his boss, and say they don't think that's happening.

Yah, well, they told me when I interviewed that the product was going on sale in April. It's June. We aren't selling yet. Maybe it's an unwritten founding princple of the company or something...

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