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Happy Tired - Sam's Journal

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June 6th, 2003

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11:16 pm - Happy Tired
So I left work at 6:15, the earliest departure of the week I think. I met the new target I had set at 11am that morning, so at least I can see 7 hours into the professional future. Hopefully my fortune-telling abilities will hold fast and I will have a completely finished part on Monday.

Traffic was light on the trip home to pick up Dee. It was smooth sailing from Costa Mesa to Disneyland as well, although I didn't do a good job of following parking signs. The entrance to the parking garage that we used on Sunday wasn't open this evening, prompting an impromptu U-turn pretty much randomly in the middle of the street. No other cars were around, really, and there were no flashing lights, so I guess it was legal. :^)

I also missed the "Theme Park Parking, U-Turn Here" sign, instead making a left turn. So that required another yooie, and then we found a garage entrance. We opted not to used Dee's placard, and got good parking on the 4th level anyway. Much less walking to get to/from the tram stop. And then, to California Adventure!

I led Dee to MuppetVision 3D, an attraction I remembered from the Florida park. Althought I thought I was MuppetVision 4D when I saw it; but the things I remembered from the Florida show were there! Warning, never give the Swedish Chef projectile weapons. And for heaven's sake, if you give him projectile weapons, don't give him a cannon! :^)

We caught the Electrical Parade in its new California home, and then ventured into the Disneyland park for Star Tours. A quick monorail trip and a journey through Downtown Disney, and we were back to our car & on our way home. A rather nice evening. I think I'm gonna like having Disney passes, even if we probably won't end up doing this every Friday evening. ^_^
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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