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What am I doing wrong? I'm trying and tryind and trying, and it's just like it's not enough for Dee.

We go out, see a movie, walk around the mall, and she points out the Docker's store. And I remember that she's complained about my ill-fitting pants, so we look around and of course the largest size they have isn't even close to what I need. Then we looked in Big Dogs, a "big size" store, and all they have is shorts, and the shorts in my size are a full drawstring waist. The "normal" shorts only go to size 42. In a fucking "big size" store. What the fuck is up with that.

Of course, then we were just quiet the rest of the way, and I pulled us into the Virgin Megastore, and we were quiet and looking around and stopped at In & Out for lunch and I asked Dee what she wanted to do, and there wasn't anything except come home and check on the cats instead of sitting there. Which I can't really blame her for, just sitting at the restaurant after we're done eating is pretty dumb.

So we're sitting here, and Peanut starts making the hacking-I'm-goona-puke sounds, and Dee does nothing, so I grab some sort of sacrificial papar and try to get it between Peanut and the carpet but, nope, not a fast enough reaction from me. Dee just chimes in that it would've just scared Peanut away... *sigh* why try I guess. So now we're home, who knows what else to do today, and I just feel like a bloody miserable excuse for a person.

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