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Report: Yesterday

Early in the morning yesterday, we awoke to rising sun and cats on the bed. A typical morning. I hoped that we could meet up with some friends for something, however knowing that everyone else tends to get up later than we do, we settled for going through the Sunday paper, conviently delivered on our doorstep. The Best Buy ad is the work of the devil, I tell you! Such tempation! Conceptually, Dee and I decide to head out and do something until Noon or 1pm, and then give people a call to see who might want to hang out today. Of course, before we could execute said plan, I realized that Chris had thrown a journal entry online, and that his IM wasn't marked as away. Conclusion: still too early to make any real decisions. Answer: Dee and I continued on our "do stuff until 1pm" plan.

In the paper, there was a "bag/coupon" for Bruegger's Bagels, bring the bag into the store, they add 3 free bagels to said bag. Grabbed two everythings for me, and Dee wanted the asiago bagel, but it wasn't a bagel it was a "softwich", so I figure we'll go back for softwiches (their name for a sandwich on a "softer" bagel thing) sometime. Dee settled for a plain bagel, and we grabbed drinks and a little tub of herb cream cheese. The person on the register freaked me a bit, by ringing in the bagels that were free! And then they cancelled it out when I jumped them on it. I dunno if it was "the way" it was supposed to go or not, but I don't think I got charged for the bagels...

Anyway, the Bruegger's was a new destination for us. On the map, a mall called Fashion Island was shown, so we moved that way to explore. It seemed rather sizable, and Dee felt rather unready for the size of the mall. Personally, I don't think I was ready for that either... and it was odd to see a mall around here that wasn't full of people. It just didn't seem right, so that was another reason to get going.

It took us a while, after we got back to the car, to decide what to do next. Eventually, we decided to head to Best Buy (damn tempting ad!) and look for the Norah Jones SACD/CD hybrid that was in the ad. Not that we have an SACD player, but we don't have the Norah Jones CD at all, so might as well get my first SACD that way. (Yes, I am a Sony fanboy.) But as we turned into the area with the Best Buy, Dee saw Harry & David's, and mentioned a craving for pears...

So we went to Harry & David, Dee assuming that it was completely outside of pear season. Fortunately, from my point of view, she was wrong. Unfortunately, from the wallet's point of view, she was wrong. Now the only way to get the pears was in the summer "tower of treats" combination, which had pears, apples, mixed nuts, chocolates, and cherries of some sort. Ka-ching! Pears! And a bag of moose munch which multiplied to two bags when they mentioned the discounted price of two. Hehehehe!

We did get to Best Buy, but of course they didn't have the SACD. There were lots of standard CD cases, none of which were in the SACD section, and there were no "SACD" markings on the CDs in the normal section. There was a sign with the price from the ad with what appeared to be a Best Buy SKU on it, but none of the discs I saw in the Norah Jones section had that SKU on them, so they either sold out or didn't have them in the first place. Maybe we'll try later in the week... most notably, Tuesday, in case the SACD is really a "new release" this week.

So we left Best Buy, and my car needed fuel. But it was 1pm! Time to call Chris! It was on; Animatrix at his place, and nothing else concretely planned. We had to run the fruit home & get gas, but a half hour later we were on the road to his pad, and an hour later we were there! Of course, I had somehow mislead Chris into thinking he'd get another call, so he hadn't gone into frenzy cleaning mode yet! Hehehehe! Can't hide from us! ^_^

We watched the Animatrix, and got some Dinner, and were joined by Jay for some video gaming. I held my own in the beginning, but I was getting ass-casts by the end of the evening. It was about 9:45 when we headed back to our car to come home... however, while we were in the Sepulveda pass, my cell phone rang. I asked Dee to answer it... and it was Adam, with great news that he had finished his paper! w00t! We hit the Sunset Blvd exit to u-turn and head back to his place for a little coffee & chat, while we were so close! We ended up at a little restaurant not far from Chris's pad at all, and had a cup of coffee for me.

And before I knew it, my personal 11pm deadline to be heading back was toasted, and it was more like 11:40pm before we were on the return trip. But we got home, I looked online, and tossed up the quickie post because Dee's ability to give a back rub was about to run out! Hehehe! Oh it was a great great great great great day! ^_^

And now it's Monday. <<insert obligatory Garfield Monday quote.>>

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