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Some times things just come together wonderfully. Friday night was a supreme example of this. I guess it was about 4pm when Chris messaged me, and if I remember correctly mentioned having a fo'ty night that evening. Some additional checking with Adam, and then Dee & Kim, and it was on. I left work around 6ish, picked Dee up, and headed up north. Amazingly enough, the traffic cooperated wonderfully and we were there around 7:45.

Probably the most alcohol I have ever had in an evening, a whole 40 oz malt liqour. I didn't quite manage the 40 in 40, but in about an hour it was all gone. I don't really know that I felt much of anything, but then it did put me out for a nice little nap. We did spend the night at Chris's, just more from me not wanting to trust myself to even judge my abilities that evening (but this was known going in).

We headed out a bit before noon and stopped at Solley's for food; breakfast for me, lunch for Dee. Then we headed to CityWalk, but changed our minds due to the whole-summer pass for a single day admission offer. So we went around Universal Studios, saw several shows, and I did the Jurassic Park ride. That was an impressive drop, I must admit. The "getting soaked" part of it would've been a lot nicer on a much warmer day, but it wasn't really cold so it all worked out.

We left Universal a bit after 6pm, and headed back home. Stopped off at the Cerritos Mall area for a burger & drinks, and then the rest of the way home. Traffic wasn't too bad, though the 101 was slow when we were going to Universal, and a little slow from 101 to the 110. Everything else was flowing very nice, and it didn't take that long to get home.

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