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Where Was I...

Today, I was at work. Glen came by my cube as asked me if I'd heard about the crash. (He was called by his wife.) I started looking around online for information... CNN, MSNBC, NY Times sites were all unresponsive. People started collecting. Radios were found and tuned to radio stations. A TV was set up in our breakroom, and a local station was found.

An announcement was made on the intercom about the breakroom setup, for anyone who was interested. Many people were doing little work, but the supervisors said little. A group of over 100, half of which have only a month left at this job due to downsizing, sat stunned.

I am in Virginia, far removed from the immediate tragedy. I am far enough away from Washington, DC, such that I never feared for my own safety. I am scared by the events of today, though, and doubt I will sleep soundly tonight.

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