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Where I Have Been...

College football is back. Finally something that feels like normal.

My brain is still stuck on the events... for one, I don't know how to deal with it. The terrorist bombings? The hijacking? The Events of September 11th? I don't like that last one... because I think I'd be afraid of that day for at least a few years. But I like that last one as well, because we don't give the guilty parties any place in our memories. (Personal opinion: I will not call anyone who can do a think like this a person. People didn't do this, monsters did.)

I am lucky, though. I have no connection to the events. No missing people in my family, no missing friends. I wish my best to those who have been impacted by this.

Things have been going on for me. Last weekend Lis & I did a little patriotic spending and bought a new desk for the computer room.

And this is why I haven't been writing anything. My life just seems so insignificant. I still can't cope with the thoughts in my head. I'm afraid to leave my nice little small town. I feel safe here... but I know that when I came back from my vacation, I felt safe everywhere.

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