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Virtual Friday Night! - Sam's Journal

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July 3rd, 2003

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10:46 am - Virtual Friday Night!
Perhaps in response to my journal, perhaps not, Adam mentioned that he had plans to catch up with Brian and go see 28 Days Later last night, and extended the invitation to me. Really, it's not the type of movie I tend to go see (those would be comedies, mostly), but then, I've never typically gone on roller coasters before but I did that last weekend and enjoyed it. I didn't really want to drag Dee along, though, so I procrastinated the decision.

Around time to leave, Dee messaged me at work, and asked about the movie plans. Obviously someone had kept Dee into the loop. I forget the details of the conversation, but basically she agreed to let me head off for the movie while she could stay home and do things that she was actually interested in. Huzzah!

Of course, I could hear on the traffic reports that the 405 was a royal mess near my destination, so I alternated on to 605 to the 210 and into Sherman Oaks that way. Traffic wasn't bad, but there is about a 10 minute penalty for the extra distance in that route. The 405 mess still wasn't cleaned up when I arrived in Sherman Oaks, so it probably was a worthwhile decision.

Brian was already at Adam & Kim's, and we shortly headed out to collect Chris and head to the movie. There was a killer box office line for tickets, but it was an AMC theatre with automated ticket machines! Huzzah again! I pulled the plastic out of my wallet and offered to get everyone's tickets... I was worried about separate transactions running out of tickets for the show. Of course, I picked a ticket machine with a nearly-defective touch screen. Kim stood guard until the transaction timed out while I moved to another machine. But... no 9:10 show on the machine?

We checked the big board o' movie times. No 9:10 show on their either. I thought maybe it sold out (or perhaps someone else said that first), so we discussed alternate plans. We decided on the 10:15 show, and I collected 5 tickets. We then headed out for something food-like with a bit over an hour to kill.

We ended up at Tony Roma's. Adam & Chris did shots of things that I don't want to try and spell, but it was some variety of scotch. I took a traditional Long Island Iced Tea, since I know that a single one of those doesn't get me anywhere near messed up. Adam & Kim also got food, which earned bread for the table to munch on. I had a piece of bread and several of Adam's fries before we were done; good thing I had a big lunch! But, then, I wasn't really hungry, so it worked out swell.

The movie... I dunno; technically is was a well-made movie. It was worked together into a feel of its own. The sound work was amazing, if a little sharp at times (transitions from off-screen to on-screen sound). I just feel there are a few "issues" in the plot that are never really explained.
Spoilers (Maybe) -- Highlight to Read
Why do the zomies never attack each other? Why do they only try to infect, not kill? Why can they not find food, just like everyone else? It puzzles me.
Anyway, the movie was done, and I headed back home to Dee. And then I went to sleep, and then I woke up, and now it's Thursday.
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Date:July 3rd, 2003 12:16 pm (UTC)
we had glenlivet 12-year old single malt scotch whiskey
and courvoisier VSOP cognac brandy

as for your questions...

I think the zombies did kill quite a few people. I think that those that become infected are "survivors" of zombie attacks who happened to be bitten or whatnot. Why can't they find food? Because they feast on the flesh of the liviiiiinnnng...whooooo. Actually I'm not terribly sure. I don't think they think about eating...I think they were just filled with rage. As for why they don't attack each other? Well, maybe they did offscreen. Er...or maybe the disease has a catch, you can't become enraged with an enraged person. I know that if I programmed a virus, I'd put that in there (assuming the virus was intended to be released abroad...maybe in terrorist cells?). Otherwise it would be a boring (and short-lived) epidemic.
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Date:July 3rd, 2003 12:18 pm (UTC)
P.S. it was thursday when you left last night, too...teehee

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