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Oh man I have missed having a reason to drive an hour on Tuesday nights. It's a great little break in the middle of the week.

I headed out from work around 6ish yesterday, got Dee, got gas & drinks, and stopped at Best Buy. We picked up a birthday present for Sean (always the last-minute shoppers we are) and the latest Chobits U.S. disc release (#3!)

From there, we headed north. The 405 was wonderful last night, if only I had a button that could make traffic move like that all the time. Well, at least, a non-destructive button. I don't think I'd want to blow up too many cars just to get places 5 minutes sooner. (Does anyone else watch Dilbert on Comedy Central? Why, oh why, did UPN drop that show?)

We were in the area a little before the planned "get to the party" time so we swung by Adam & Kim's. We hit a pizza place that will never paint their walls for some pizza (good, but I've had better pizza, but never at a place with as many celebrity autographs) and then went to the Mauspad.

I actually held my own in Super Monkey Ball for once, but I got my buttocks handed to me on a nice platter when we went for Super Smash Brothers Melee. Perhaps I need a copy so I can learn the dang controls. :^)

Ah, but the night came to an end way too early, and I was on a second wind so Dee and I headed home to Costa Mesa. I didn't start feeling sleepy until we were on Harbor Boulevard, so it turned out to be a good call. I didn't sleep near as late today as I thought I would, and I was in at work at 9:45.

And our Thursday meeting has been moved to today. I guess it's better than perpetual postponement.

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