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Lazy Day - Sam's Journal

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July 12th, 2003

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11:21 pm - Lazy Day
So tomorrow Dee's family has their annual picnic. And Dee was feeling a bit run-down, so we basically sat around home most of today. We did get out for lunch at the Sizzler. I drug us down to the El Toro location, as there was something across the street from it that had piqued my interst when we hit that Sizzler for lunch during the week. Across the street was "Nickel! Nickel! 5 cent games" which I had no idea what it was. My thought was lunch & explore.

We did lunch, and then we drove across the street. Actually, while we were eating, a delivery semi parked us in. Argh. Well, not fully, though, as I did some fancy manuevering and managed to extract my car. I should've complained to the manager and tried to get a free meal LOL but I didn't think of it until after I had freed my car.

So we drove across the street, but there people just sitting around outside Nickel Nickel, and it just made us a bit uneasy. Sort a rough-and-tumble looking group sitting outside, and Dee said her tummy was feeling odd from lunch, so we just headed home.

So we came home, and we've basically been here the rest of the day. Really glad I picked up Outlaw Volleyball on Friday; having a new game that has "unlockables" gave me something to mess with most of the day. All in all, Saturday was pretty much a full repeat of Friday evening. And Friday evening was nice, so this is a good thing :-)
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Date:July 13th, 2003 04:50 pm (UTC)
nickel nickel is an arcade you pay a fee to get in $2-$5 and all the games inside are a nickel. its all older games but pretty fun

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