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My earlier post has received an explanation, the brief version of… - Sam's Journal

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July 15th, 2003

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12:16 am
My earlier post has received an explanation, the brief version of which is that if you saw weird noise at the end of the message, your computer doesn't have the Japanese language magic decoder ring. If you had the ring, you'd see three Japanese Kanji characters. Oh well, the cool part to me was that I got my laptop set up so I can type in Japanese. Now I just have to get some refreshing done in my language skills. Sometime soon I want to walk into the Kinokuniya Bookstore here in Costa Mesa and try (maybe) to deal with the very fluent Japanese speaking (I believe) staff and see if I can conduct business in spoken Japanese. Hopefully they'll be kind and not laught too much! Well, at least not to my face! :^)

Spent an extra hour at work today, as my 5 day buffer is gone due to doing someone else's work last week. The reward for being ahead is, as always, more work. Hopefully this will be remembered if and when they do bonuses. I won't hold my breath.

Ever have that feeling that there was something you wanted to get done, but you sit down and you can't remember what it was? I've head little bouts of that this evening, at least since we've been home. After I left work, Dee and I grabbed a little dinner out (tried Nick's Pizza in the shopping center next to us... pretty good, but a little pricey for pizza) and hit the supermarket. It would've been a lot nicer of a bill if we hadn't stocked up on medicine cabinet supplies, but they have to get picked up eventually. We're also snobs about our Advil, of all the different forms we have to go for the liquid gels, as Dee and I both think they kick in faster than the other fomulations.

On Sunday, after the picnic, we hit Beverages and More and grabbed a 6 pack of Costal Fog root beer, and impulse buy. I think we'll stick to Barq's or IBC in the future. It's got a very pronounced vanilla flavor, which just doesn't blend into straight root beer well for me. It'd probably be a very good drink to use as a base for a root beer float, though.
Current Mood: winding down

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