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ComicCon '03

I had a blast at Comic-Con yesterday. We went down just for the day, as every hotel I looked into on Friday for the weekend was booked. All I knew was that the Futurama panel was at Noon, and everything else was up for grabs.

We ended up missing the first 10 or 15 minutes of the Futurama panel, but only after Lauren helped us out by telling us about disabled services registration, which let Dee and I avoid the mile-long registration line.

Far too much money was spent, including 5 new DVD's for me (including a Kevin Smith autographed Clerks Uncensored 2-disc set) and an EQ backpack for Dee (the Bag of the Tinkerers, which is an in-game item). Took a while to fine the video game/anime portion of the sales floor. "Graded" comic books that you can no longer look at because they're sealed... that's just wrong. At least with graded baseball cards you can still look at both sides of the card and not miss out on anything.

We walked around the sales area with Lauren & her friends, and then went up to the Cartoon Network Adult Swim panel. While we were doing that, I remembered that JMS was doing autographs and checked the board, realizing he would still be singing signing for 15 more mintues. I grabbed the program for something to sign and went to check on the line. There were maybe 5 people in line, so I lined up for an autograph. (Made me wish I had taken a B5 DVD set or something with me!) Sorta feel like a dork for dealing with the guy. I was definitely awestruck, much more than when I saw Stan Lee walking on the sales floor. I guess it's a matter of whose work you're more interested in.

Before the Adult Swim panel we caught the end of a Video Game panel, where they played a trailer for Sam & Max: Freelande Police, a sequel to the original Sam & Max game from 1993. Well, sequel in that it's another game with Sam & Max.

Dee and I slipped out of the Adult Swim panel about 15 minutes early (missing out on the freebies) to meet up with her friend Delina and others for dinner. So we walked out to a place for dinner, and found an hour and 15 minute wait. Then they found another restaurant with a 30 minute wait. So we went there. And then they kept looking for another place, and I just got tired of it. I told them that I just wanted to make a plan and stick to it. They still wanted to go to some other restaurant. So we said our goodbyes and went to our car. I sorta feel bad, as I think Dee wanted to have dinner with them, but damn. You can't wait 30 minutes to have dinner? Bah, gets me aggravated just thinking about it.

We went to a Gordon Biersch or something restaurant. Where the aggravation continued. They offered me "immediate seating" on the patio. And then told me to seat myself. But all the tables were taken. So I bitched to the person at the front who told us about "immediate seating" who then said that they didn't say that, but that there was "first come first serve" seating. I called them on lying to me. I asked how many people had gotten on the list while we were looking for a table, and they said zero. And I called them on that lie as well; I saw them give out a pager just before we got back to the stand. I told them that I didn't take kindly to being mislead. At which point a second person attending the stand got involved, and took the "we didn't mislead you" stance. I just told them that I wanted on the list. We got on the list, and then got a table.

Fortunately, the waiter was much better than the people up front. I tipped him well, and left him a note (written) congratulating his service and suggesting that he might want to share some information on how to do it with the people up front.

Aggravating, yes, but seeing Matt Groening and JMS was great. If only I had made it to one of the Kevin Smith things, but that's my own damn fault.

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