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Damn me & my own personal reactions. On Friday, I was a day and a half behind schedule, with two weeks left in the project. I felt guilty leaving at 7pm on friday (after putting over 8 hours in that day), and I felt guilty not coming in yesterday to work on things. So I'm here today, working on things. Dee is here with me, with our laptop, doing crosswords, watching DVDs, and keeping me company. Keeping me sane, too. Hopefully I'll make some progress today that's noticeable, and when we do our meeting on Monday I can mention that I did come in on Sunday, and got some work accomplished, which should shut up any complaints about me leaving at 7pm on Friday.

For those who don't know the background here, our official work hours are 9 AM to 6 PM. I tend to stick to those hours, give or take an hour late. (Generally, I'm here at 9:30 AM each morning.) My director (our corporate lingo, but in a ways more of a technical designer & manager role in one person... at least he's got some technical clue) and the other 3 engineering in my group start rolling in around 10:30am, and some aren't even here until noon. They stay correspondingly late. And I feel odd leaving so early, with them still here. Even if I should be justified in it.

I also know that I goof off a bit during the week, playing solitaire and the like. Not unreasonably so, of course, but I still feel bad being "behind". Even if I was forced to burn behind ahead a week by taking a part from someone else who was behind a week. Yeah, I'll admit to behind ahead of schedule again. Pffffft.

And my code is taking *FOREVER* to compile. Well, one file in particular. Before, it was dumping error messages early on and then taking forever to clean up. Now it's just taking forever, which means that maybe, just maybe, I have it cleaned up and working. Yay me. (These error messages were driving me batty on Friday, as we use a pre-compiler that strips a lot of context -- this part was working fine -- and the passes the processed file to the real compiler, which barfs with the most useless error messages. I might -- might -- have found the problems, all typographical as usual. Frelling compilers. Do what I mean, not what I say. :^)

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