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So much for estimation

11 hours? Try 12. Of work, that is. Arrived at 9am, left at 10pm with an hour lunch break in the middle (around 3:30ish).

I hate the amount of time that I've committed to work the past two weeks. I am worried that Dee feels neglected. On the other hand, things are tight at work, not only on schedules but also financially. And I know when layoffs come, the most recent hires tend to be the first to go. And on the development staff, I'm the most recent hire. I don't want to get laid off, and so I don't want to give them any reasons to look as me as layoff material. Which means feeling that I need to work 12 hours a day during the tight crunches... even if other people leave around the same time as me yet get in 2 hours later.

Perhaps that's part of the secret... start coming in later, but still leave with the group. *sigh* But I don't want to work 11am-8pm, I want to work 9am-6pm (or 8am-5pm, if I ever manage to get myself back to waking up & getting going early enough).

I would love to actually have a full weekend of my own this weekend, but again looking at what's going on it doesn't seem likely. And I don't want to go making plans just to cancel them on people. *sigh*

Not to mention so much other stuff in my mind that I just feel overwhelmed.

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