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It's an Everything Post - Sam's Journal

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August 13th, 2003

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12:53 am - It's an Everything Post
Damn the evil planners who released Futurama Volume 2 and Babylon 5 Season 3 on the same day. Damn my own weakness for going out and getting them both on the first day they were available. Huzzah to myself for doing a little bit of research and hopefully having bought the two for rather good prices... less than Best Buy, at least.

I left work at 7pm today. A fault was discovered in the system design that results in a significant feature not working as planned. We implemented another component to work around the issue, without actually fixing the problem. I hate doing that. Fixing the effect instead of fixing the problem has always come back to haunt me. I wrapped up my contribution to the change around 7pm and left after just an 8 hour day. Like hell if I was going to hang around today.

I really hope it doesn't happen right now, but at some point I think these people are going to learn some hard lessons from me. The development team I work with has very little experience outside of this company... I think only our boss (manager/director) has any notable experience outside of the company. I wonder how large the biggest system they've ever worked on is... I am waiting for "the fix" to blow up in their faces as well, pointing themselves back to the original problem again. Fixing the original problem requires changing a key design factor of the system. Obviously this isn't quite what they were looking for I do believe.... LOL. We shall see...

At some point I'm going to be officially promoted to "Senior Software Engineer", or so I have been told. Pffft, I thought I was hired as a senior engineer, and I thought they just didn't use junior/senior titles. Like "Senior" will really change anything about my job... or the lack of attention people pay to me.

I keep trying to help out and show them what I see, and I feel that they're just not interested in looking in the direction I'm facing. I can't tell why this is... perhaps it is simply and effect of butting in where I'm not wanted. Perhaps it's more.

Watched Clockstoppers this evening, I don't want to know how long it's been waiting for me from Netflix. It was cute, but painful at times. I've never been much for the teen melodrama. At least they did try to stick to a fantasy world, including vaugely plausible interactions between things.

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Date:August 13th, 2003 01:05 am (UTC)
The problem with programmers, like artists, is their ego's. That's my guess as to why no one really has been listening, its your job to butt in and state your opinion. Especially if you're on of the more senior members of the staff.

Just stay humble at the office and wait for them to realize that what you have been saying was right all along.

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