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And so... I'm still at work. Waiting on a build. The third build to try and get QA going.

#1 wouldn't load. #2 fixed that, and we realized that settings got messed with (intentionally) and were incorrect. #3 is what we're waiting for. And we already know that there's one issue there, but it's nothing that is tested in the automated QA so we forge on...

I have spent too many late nights here. We got bonuses today. That makes it a little better. But that was for the first three months here, when I didn't stay late. Going forward, they're giving us raises but cutting the bonus program... so why am I here so late, other than to keep my job?

I feel obligated to wait here, even though I've been done with my assignments for almost two hours. I tracked down one thing that wasn't even assigned to me, because it looked wrong to me. And in the end, I was right, it was a nasty fault that I located. Hooray me. (Short file names should work for ASCII and Unicode, shouldn't they? LOL "oh it's not a problem..." "it can't be a problem, this has been there for a few releases" "oh shit!")

Build is "almost done" says the lead... gotta load the endurance test and my ass is outta here. Hopefully we release Monday and these long evenings are gone. Hopefully. At least for a while.

What's worse... we're coming in tomorrow as well, to check on the overnight QA run. And there was a cross-stitch show tomorrow that Dee wanted to go to. I'm hoping... hoping... that there will be nothing to do, I can leave, and take Dee to the show. Really hoping. And really thinking to myself that it won't happen.

Dee doesn't ask for much... it's terrible that I can't make this thing happen for her. :-(

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