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Oh Whatta Night...

(And what a loud-ish keyboard I am typing on, at least if I try to go "full-speed" for me. But there are ... 1, 2, 3... 4 other people in the room here trying to sleep. Why the hell am I awake already, anyway?)

So I went in to work at 1pm yesterday. Things sucked. Code from another group didn't work. Fuckers. They didn't even run their QA tests before they gave it to us. I ended up tracking down problems and finding that two of them were the fault of the new faulty code. (Think I'm a bit pissed about that?) One of the problems we ended (or should I say, I ended) up making a work-around for. (While the two other teammates went out to lunch for over an hour...) Around 7pm things were coming together, waiting on one person to finish their fixes. I had sorta voiced out earlier that I was pissed and didn't really want to be there, and I asked if there was any more work to do to get to running our QA, there wasn't, and so I left.

Fortunately other plans were fluid enough that they could include Dee and myself at the last minute (hour, whatever). o'/ FO'ty NIIIIIghhhhht o'/.

Kicked back and had a blast hanging out with friends old & new. Even tried a few other drinks after the 40 had fully kicked in and started fading... some things good, some things bad. I'm not ready for straight shots yet nosiiiiirrreeeeeeeee-bob.

(wow, peoples are waking up... do keyboards wake people up that easy? daaaaamn)

Part of the team even hit up Netopia, though we never did all seem to get any good games going. (Not enough people... Day of Defeat is better with lots o' peeps)

Netopia was 12:30-2:30, then we came back to the KappaPad and watched more TV and indulged in more adulterants. And then I fell asleep on the couch (It was late!!!!) and then pulled crash stuff in and went to sleep around 4. Woke up around 9. This should be a little good, I should be able to get to sleep at a reasoanble (for my working-self) time tonight.

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