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It feels like Sunday

Of course, I guess that's because I had Friday off! :-)

Went up to Adam & Kim's on Thursday night, and went out to dinner with them and Chris and Caridad, and then returned home for watching of stuff and partaking of banana cake. I don't really care much for bananas and the cake didn't do much for me. But the company was wonderful, and just relaxing after all the stress of work the past few weeks was wonderful.

Friday we headed out from there and I had the idea of coming home on PCH, more for the sightseeing potential than the timeliness of the route. We went by a Fry's, and then a Best Buy to get a car charger for my new iPod (which was suffering from a case of low battery!), and then we stopped by Anime Plus. (Two more Chobits manga and the September issue of NewType, woohoo!)

We then headed to PCH, and stopped at the Santa Monica pier. Not that much to it, really, but it was nice hearing the ocean. My first time at a beach in California, even if I didn't actually go on the beach! We took our time going down PCH, stopping at a few other places along the way... another anime toy shop and a baseball card shop come to my mind. Then we got into the Costa Mesa area and then home.

And today was similar, though with more getting needed shopping chores done, mostly involving dry food for the kitties. And I decided to get a little kitty bed in the hopes that Peanut might like it. So far only Munchie has curled up in it....

We went to a Boomer's in the evening, and played video games. I did some spastic jumping on a DDR machine, and played another rhythm game which is much more hand-centric. Some girl walked up and played that one with me for a while, outclassing me significantly. Although I did manage to hold my own on one song, LOL.

We also put up a door hanging thing we got at Ikea last Saturday. It looks pretty nice, and helps separate the bedroom from the rest of the apartment without having to close the door. And the cats don't have much of an idea about attacking it either, making it quite good.

Anyway... that's what I've been up to the past few days. What about you?

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