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Why I Quit Journalling (The Last Time)

When I don't post for a while... I just wonder, why bother?

I can't really bring this thing up to date. (My memory sucks. I couldn't even remember details for myself...) I just sorta think about quitting. But I shoved a little money at the LJ people, and since I've got "an investment" in the thing, that's keeping me going.

(note: Not that I had conciously thought of this BEFORE I started writing the post. But it just sorta came out.)

Other things... damn, but I've been in one horny mood for the past week or so. The wrong week of the month to be that way, actually. *sigh*

Of course, things haven't been helped by Catt's sketches. I noticed that she sent three new ones out on her mailing list, with the "alter egos" of the (shameless plug) NekoNerds group. The Lux and Catt images.... well...

Other people have colored them & posted them for us to share. They don't quite get it right, though... well, one person got Lux right (there's no shirt under there! :^) but no one has shared my Catt inspiration (all see-thru fabrics). Oh well, I might have to drag out Paint Shop Pro and give it a shot...

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