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And I just realized that I have next Monday off for Labor Day! Hurrah!

Of course work sucks as usual. Although I seem to be getting some things through to people. I don't know if I'm getting meaner and forcing my thoughts down their throats or if they're just listening to me more. I need an unbiased observer, which doesn't exist here at work!

But today's gyrations have made me decide one thing: no matter what they say, I am not staying past 5:30 PM tomorrow, or after 7:00 PM tonight. And I will not be here on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. While it's nice that they're listening to me, I did waste 2 hours researching a problem because the manager had to run off to a meeting before I could convince him of my argument, and he expected me to have some progress after the meeting was over. At least I focused on two hours of argument-improving research instead of 2 hours of pointless implementation of broken ideas.

Hmmm... I think I sound a bit pissed off & cynical. Oh yeah, and our company will run out of money in just over two weeks unless the founders come to an agreement with the investors to allow more money in. Joy joy. The negotiations with the founders have been going on for months now, basically ever since they were forced out in late April (or was it early April?). Frell. I wish I knew more about the founders, for all I see is that they are playing chicken with the future of this company. On the up side, there were some comments about another company who has interest in us, I assume in a "buy-the-company" kind of way, but they're based around Boston. I don't even want to think about the possibilities in that scenario.

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