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October 13th, 2001

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06:53 am - Friends
So last night Lis & I went over (invited, of course) to... well, I guess a friend's house, though he is a co-worker as well. Spent some time getting worn out by their kid, had some dinner, played ping-pong, chatted. I was actually social.

Of course, I really should keep up better with my friends. It's been quite a while since I last caught up with the people I went to college with... and I've never really caught up with anyone from high school.

Last weekend Lis & I went up to D.C. to visit with a friend of hers who was in D.C. for another reason. I should've called & caught up with some of my friends up that way (Jeff and Julia), but it just never happened. I'm such a slacker.

(Freudian slip? I goofed on such: suck. Just got to wonder at times...)

Anyway, I'm up early for an unknown reason (I was just *awake* is all). T minus less than 12 hours to kickoff... Go Hokies! Win #6!
Current Mood: groggygroggy

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