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And so, on Friday, I arrived at work to two e-mails asking me… - Sam's Journal

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September 7th, 2003

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09:23 pm
And so, on Friday, I arrived at work to two e-mails asking me accomplish two things on Friday. By the end of the day, I had more than accomplished those things. I saw more than accomplished as I and the rest of the software team had the answers in the first two hours of Friday. But our manager insisted on more testing and research, which took up the rest of the day. Of course other things were going wrong as well... Anyway, after almost 10 hours at work I was wrapping up to go home, and as I left our manager Bobby asked if I was coming in on Saturday. I told him that I didn't have any unfinished tasks, and no one had given me more things to do, so no, I wasn't planning on it. So Bobby called a quick huddle with everyone...

In said meeting/huddle, he told us how we didn't do anything wrong, that he should have been involved in what was going on, but that he wasn't happy with where we were at the end of Friday. So he asked us to come in on Saturday. Well, one guy had a family trip to Sea World planned (for his father's birthday), but the rest of us were available, so I left with the plans to be at work on Saturday. And then I talked to Dee, who reminded me of plans for Saturday afternoon. As I started driving home, I called Bobby to tell him that I, too, had plans for Saturday. So we changed "work day" to Sunday. Which wasn't the outcome I was hoping for...

So I go in to work today just a bit after 1pm. What was there for me to do? Nothing, really. Okay, one guy did work on Saturday and resolved some of the problems we were having Friday, and found a few new things. I actually did patch code for all of 15 minutes today, but I'm sure that anyone could've done that. Otherwise, I was just keeping an extra pair of eyes on someone else's work, until they left to go watch the Raiders game. (They also said they were there at 10am, so I won't begrudge them for that.)

Of course, after he left, more things that had been working. So I told Bobby about this. He suggested leaving pretty much before I did. I tried re-installing code, to make sure the libraries installed were correct (as we had been tossing libraries around a bit earlier). Of course, it didn't fix anything. So I spent over five hours of my day doing absofuckinglutely NOTHING!
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