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If you don't want to read about my current physical wellness, move along.

So I've been feeling a bit odd for the past few days. A bit more back ache than usual, and my stomach is just continuously on the edge. I have been waiting for it to develop into acid reflux, but that hasn't happened yet.

Now I haven't been taking the best care of myself lately either. I skipped dinner last night, because I didn't leave work until 9pm and didn't want to stay up until 1am. (I give myself 3 hours from eating until I lay down, to help reduce the chance of acid reflux.) I wasn't feeling hungry when I got home, anyway. But I woke up around 2:30am and had an ache in my lower back and a grumbling in my stomach, so I ate a small piece of cantaloupe and laid back down.

That kept me until this morning, and I decided I should take a multivitamin to help my body, and be sure I had all the vitamins I need. Of course my stomach just curled up into a knot, and I started having some nausea. So I ate a few peanuts to see which was it was going, fortunately the peanuts calmed my stomach down. So I ran through McDonald's on the way to work, and then I just grabbed a donut from the breakroom because my stomach was feeling grumbly again.

It's odd, I say that much. I really want all of it to just go away.

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