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Random Event at Borders - Sam's Journal

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September 21st, 2003

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07:53 pm - Random Event at Borders
After a nice slow day at home (having cooked breakfast and made a lunch sandwich for my baby and myself), we headed out to Borders to peruse the shelves and then go for dinner. But while I was looking at the magazines in the computer section, this random guy came in the store and started asking where the High Times magazine is. He came up next to me and asked me where the magazine was, and I just said I wasn't sure. So he wanders around, continuing to ask people where the High Times were, and nobody was answering. So I looked around and found them, and pointed him to them. "Damn, they're sealed," was his response. LOL. I guess he didn't want to actually buy the magazine then. I dunno... perhaps he had enough high times of his own ;-)

Other than that, I got a copy of Mac Addict to go with my new Mac. I think it's rather fitting. :^)
Current Mood: amusedamused

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