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Caffiene is EVIL - Sam's Journal

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September 24th, 2003

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09:45 am - Caffiene is EVIL
Okay, so on Monday night I had another acid reflux (or some such) night. So I got to thinking what was different...

During the big ol' long stretch of no reflux, I was avoiding caffiene. Not that this is the only thing different, but this was one that came to my mind.

So I'm back to caffiene avoidance, to test this theory. The downside to cold-turkey on caffiene is the headache, which kicked in today. And my favorite headache medicie (Excedrin) contains caffiene, so that's out of the picture. And two Tylenol aren't helping that much, but making it tolerable.

Well, that's the experiment at least. I guess I'll have to see how it goes...
Current Mood: pounding headache

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Date:September 24th, 2003 12:39 pm (UTC)
the form of caffeine that occurs naturally in guarana (which is used in red bull, sobe energy, guarana pills, ...) doesn't upset my stomach nearly as bad as coffee-bean caffeine

(still i like coffee better...BWIIIINNNNGG!!!)

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