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My parents have landed in Costa Mesa. They got here around 1pm, and can't check into the hotel yet. So they decided to try and find my apartment. They couldn't find my building, though... well... because it's behind a wall and the number really isn't visible from the street. :^) They stopped at Chucky Cheese's for a payphone and called me. From there, I could tell them where to look to see my apartment building, and then I will be out of here this evening to meet up with them I guess.

I asked my mom (who called) if I could give her directions to anything, if I could help them find something to do this afternoon. "Nope, we just want to go sit down in the hotel room." But they'd like to have dinner with me. I assume. They're confusing. And aggravating, in that I ask them what they want and they don't want anything but I'm supposed to hang around and do absolutely nothing with then. Argh.

I might need some sanity assistance later.

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