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My parents should be on their way north to Barstow right now. They haven't decided if they will go to Vegas again or just head east, but they have a few hours (until Barstow) to make up their mind. It seems that the forecast temperatures in Vegas are the primary decision factor, and I guess my dad is hoping that the 100-degree forcast will go down in a few hours, or that in a few hours 100-degree temperatures will sound more acceptable.

Anyway, yesterday I got a call around 8am as my parents were getting ready to head out for the day. I suggested that we could get together for breakfast, as they hadn't eaten yet. So we met up at IHOP and had breakfast, and my mom had a collection of "attraction flyers" that she had picked up in their hotel's lobby. One of them had my mom's interest: a tour of the star's homes. However it was up in Hollywood, and my dad didn't want to drive the freeways up there.

Well that was an easy problem to fix! We had driven separately to the IHOP, so we drove to their hotel so they could leave their car and run into their hotel room and get everything they needed for the day. Morning traffic was moving well, with only occasional slowing, but my parents thought that traffic was horrible. I guess six months is enough to adjust to the traffic out here. ^_^

The tour office was located at Hollwood & Vine. It was a lot easier to get in there than I had expected, and it wasn't hard to find a $5 parking lot to park the car, just down Vine a half-block from Hollywood. There was a film production going on in the theater next to the tour office, and we arrived just as the extras were filing in! I think my mom got a kick out of seeing the all the extras in costume. According to the people in the tour office, it's a Martin Scorcesi (I know that is spelled wrong) film starring Leo DiCaprio. Which my mom loved just as much, and asked if Leo was around today. LOL. Star-struck.

Anyway, the tour was a bit disappointing to my mom, mainly because instead of a double-deck open-air bus, we had a silver passenger van to take the tour in. There were 8 other people in the tour with us, the two-hour tour of the Star's homes. Of course, most of the stars don't live in Beverly Hills, but there were a lot of homes that were lived in by older stars, and several homes that were used as exterior shots for TV shows.

After the tour, we walked down Hollywood Boulevard to Mann's Chinese Theater. However, once we got there, they were putting out carpeting for a premier of Kill Bill that evening, so my mom didn't have much of a chance to see the prints in the concrete. At least she did find a few postcards, a magnet, and a T-shirt.

Afterwards, we headed down to Disneyland so my mom could look around the souvenier stands outside of the park. My mom found a few more things there, and then we headed to Tiffy's for dinner. I spent about an hour talking with my parents in their hotel room, and then headed back hom around 8pm.

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