Sam (jevim) wrote,


No, not other people. Not the government. Not my cats, either.

The actual, honest-to-god, eye-splitting, head-rattling headache. God I had a bad one today. I think I was about two sips of Pepsi away from passing out at my desk. Turning my head hurt.

(Advil to the rescue, though not as fast-acting as I really wanted at the moment.)

It hit around 1:15 (right after lunch), peaked around 2:30... and was gone before I had to drive home.

My mom & sister get migraine headaches semi-regularly, and I've always believed that I got them rather often when I was younger, though I don't believe I've had one in over five years. I'm wondering if today's was, but I don't really know how to tell migraines from non-migraines.

(All I know was that the headache was making me feel like I was about to throw up, which I've always associated with migraines of whatever intensity.)

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