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Not-Buffy Night

It was a small and comfy crowd for the first Angel Night. Can't quite have a Buffy Night anymore. :^) I got a call from Sean a bit early, and he invited me to head up early to avoid the traffic that I could. I packed up a collection of toys and hit the road.

I got there just as Suzy got home, and we just hung out for a while until Jay and Adam & Kim arrived. It was a good session of complaining about work, where nothing could be done but sympathy was shared in buckets. We also ordered some delicious Thai food for dinner. Yum!

And Soul Calibur 2 on GameCube! (Ah, but next time I gotta take my WaveBird with me so we have two wireless controllers ;-)

Eventually, yes, we did watch the season premier of Angel. Having not watched it before, I found it relatively easy to feel my way into the series. I think they're putting forth some effort to let Buffy watchers slide into the series.

Jay and Adam & Kim departed afterwards, but Sean & Suzy and I watched the Smallville premier as well. That was a bit harder to get into, and my tiredness was catching up with me as well. Perhaps some of the other entertainment of the evening was catching up with me as well. ;-) Then Suzy tossed on Monkeybone (again from the TiVo), but headed off to bed a few minutes afterward. Sean and I watched a bit more, but eventually I had to cave in to my sleepyness, and Sean headed off.

It was a wonderful evening. It would've been better with Dee around, too, but given the situation it was a blast! Thank you for your hospitality, Sean and Suzy!

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