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The Drawback to a week off from work... - Sam's Journal

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October 5th, 2003

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07:59 pm - The Drawback to a week off from work...
...is going back to work on a Monday.

It doesn't really feel like it's been a bit over a week since I last went to work. Heck, I haven't even checked in with anyone from work. They have my cell phone number, though, and I haven't gotten any calls so I guess I can assume that I still have a job. :^)

Having my parents here while Dee was gone was nice, even if it did keep me from hanging out with people last weekend. And then this weekend... I just didn't feel like initiating anything. I didn't want to make any plans before Dee was back, because I expected her to need some time to recover physically from her trip. And once the weekend was here I didn't feel like trying to find out what was going on. It was just nice to have Dee back.

Of course, now that I'm facing work tomorrow morning, I'd really like to find some way to not have to go in. But, then, I've used up a week of vacation so I don't exactly have a lot more time to use as sick days... well... I should save them in case I actually, you know, get sick. ;-)

Of course, I really want to start looking forward to next weekend, and hopefully some people will feel like getting together one evening. And I have to see how things are at work, but I might even be looking for somewhere to go on Wednesday evening. Hopefully Dee can catch up on Angel quickly. ^_^
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