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For those of you who don't know, I'm a (reasonably) proud Virginia Tech alum. I also grew up in West Virginia. And tonight was the annual game between the two schools. Obviously, I always hope that the Hokies can win this game, and tonight it just didn't happen.

Not only did it not happen, but the Hokies embarrassed themselves, IMHO. Not for the score. But for the behavior of the team. There are no excuses for personal fouls. Few of the "late hits" were even close. And, to top it all off, ESPN caught the coach hitting his own player on the head. The player turns to walk away, and the coach grabs his arm. Very, very bad.

Even if Tech hadn't done such stupid things, they still would have lost the game. And I could deal with that. What really gets to me is how the Hokies carried themselves. Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful.

Now there are other "issues" I have with this game. ESPN's announcers were terrible, as always. So many of the ESPN announcers seem biased against Virginia Tech. I sometimes wonder if the production team dislikes Tech, too. But then since I'm biased, I'm probably not a good person to make that call. Let's just say that I feel that they took every opportunity to point out where Tech got "a gift" and shifted the focus away from WVU's similar gifts.

(To hear the announcers, the 7 point touchdown was a "gift". Of course, with good selection of replays & when you freeze-frame, I think you can make anything look how you want it. Personally, I'm not sure, but it probably was a gift. But they could've let it be.)

In 2001 and 2002, VT has started its season well, and ended disappointingly. I had hoped that 2003 would break that pattern. I guess I'll find out.

Of course, I could look at it a different way... now that they've lost, the chances of Virginia Tech playing in the Insight Bowl (Phoenix, AZ) or Diamond Nut Bowl (San Francisco. CA) is significantly increased, and I could get to those bowl games this year. *sigh* Would've loved a reason to go to New Orleans, though.

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