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The Halloween Haunt

The moral of the story: Do not attempt to ride the standard rides as part of Halloween Haunt. The lines are terrible.

Personal lesson from the story: Learn to exhale much more deeply to compenstate for short seat belts on some rides.

Last night I went with a group of friends to Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm. I had presumed, quite incorrectly, that they limited tickets so the park wouldn't be filled wall-to-wall with people. Oh hell was I wrong.

Navigation around the park was tricky. We had a group of 7 and little direction. And the longs lines at every "maze" made it much more terrible. Eventually we just picked on ("Malice in Wonderland") and did it. The line for that one wasn't that bad; I think it was partially due to the line being run in a weird way making it impossible for anyone to skip the line. It was fun. I think I've seen what an Acid or 'Shroom trip looks like. LOL. But the Caterpillar needed a better hookah. ;-)

After that we cooled down with some drinks and caught the "Ghouls Gone Wild" stage show, 1/2 hour in length. A lot more music and a lot less "magic" than I expected from the description... heck, I forget who said it first but it puts it best, it was more of a comedy show than anything else. Except it was punctated with girls in hot little outfits singing and dancing seductively, well, as much as you can and keep it PG-13 with no nudity. ^_^

After that, we started wandering and ended up at the Xcelerator, a big honkin' tall rollercoaster. And we waited in line for nearly two hours to go on it. Well, we started to, and by the time we got to the cars 1/2 of the group had bailed from the line. And then I didn't fit in the seatbelt of the car. :-(

I sorta kept it inside, but I almost lost it. I don't know how an extra 2" of seat belt changes the safety of the ride. For all I know, I got one that had a short seatbelt. I don't really know. I regret not trying a different seat, perhaps it would have had a slightly longer seatbelt. Dunno.

Fortunately it wasn't a complete waste. I did stand around with friends and chat in line, which was nice. But I don't really do rollercoasters, I almost didn't even get in line. I just told myself that I could do it. I kept trying to keep myself under control, because my dislike/fear of rollercoasters goes back to one bad coaster when I was a kid. I really should get over it. I've been on California Screamin' at Disney's California Adventure, and I did enjoy it. This was a whole hell of a lot more "scary" to me, but I knew I could do it, and I wanted to prove that to myself.

Except I didn't get a chance. If I hadn't gotten in line, or had bailed out of line earlier, I think I could've dealt better, because then I would have known that I was the person who stopped it, and that I couldn't deal with it yet. But since the equipment kept me from it... I don't know. And it bugs me.

About the only option I have is to keep working on losing weight. I've been parked at the same weight for about the past 6 months, and I need to change that. I need to lose another 4" around my waist and try it again. When I'll fit.

As it stands, though... part of me feels that Knott's owes me something. Really, and honestly, though, I don't know that I would've done anything else if I had chosen not to try and get on the coaster. If I wouldn't have done anything else, do they owe me anything? I guess... I feel like, hey, I paid you money, I wanted to ride your ride, and the seatbelt didn't f'n fit me! There were no signs about that. I think the lap bar would've come down perfectly fine on me. But no, the seat belt was sized too small.

Even if I do lose more weight, part of me wonders if I really ever want to go to Knott's again. It's a little too soon to really tell I guess. Makes me glad my season pass is for Disney, though. (We had considered Knott's passes instead, them being much cheaper, but opted to go for premium brand. LOL)

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