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Customer Dis-service

So I wanted to cancel my GameFly membership. Well, when I made this decision, I could've cancelled online, and they give you 7 days to get the games back to them. But I decided I'd send the games in first, make sure they got there, and then cancel.

Of course, in the meantime, they removed the ability to cancel the subscription online.

So I called today to cancel. I called their published "cacellation" line, and someone answered and asked if I could hold. Sorry, nope, can't hold, I have to cancel my subscription. (Yes, I broke one of the norms of society, but if they can't be bother to install an automated wait system, I can't be bothered to wait for them myself.) So the guys says he's the only person in cancellations, and shoves me on hold. So I hang up and call again.

Second call, got an automated annoucement that the lines were busy, to please try again later.

Third call, same message. Listened to message, got the main "customer service" number.

Called main customer service. Complained that I couldn't get through to the cancellation. Complained that when I had started the cancellation process, I could've done it online and that they had changed it, without sending a notice to anyone that they were changing it. Customer "service" had no problem taking my cancellation... why another number? To make us give up? Frell.

Fortunately, they did one thing to keep me somewhat from blowing a gasket. They checked my billing date and, guess what, they billed me yesterday. No games out for a few days, either. The customer service agent said they'd credit that back to me, and I should see it at my card company in a day or two. Small miracle.

So... if Customer Service can do cancellations, what's the purpose of a single cancellation person with a phone that you can't get through to? (And how lucky was I on pass #1 that I got an answer, even if they wanted to put me on hold?)

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